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The boiler adopts an environmentally friendly combustion method - full premixed combustion, and the gas and air are precisely adjusted and premixed in advance to ensure more complete combustion.


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The boiler adopts a double-drum longitudinal "D" type arrangement structure; water, steam or steam-water mixture flows in the pipe; flame burns and flue gas flows outside the pipe, forming extremely fast steam-water.

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Wet Returns - Heating Help

Steam heating is a "science", and there are so many possible causes of "banging" that it is difficult to list them all, but a "clogged return line" is probably the least likely one. Banging normally occurs in the "feed" piping when the steam encounters condensation in the line or radiator, but there are also many possible causes of the condensation.

Chemical Treatment Requirements for Condensate Systems

The role of steam distribution lines is to reliably supply steam of the highest reasonable quality to the steam-using equipment. In order for this to be achieved, condensate must be removed quickly and efficiently through steam traps installed in proper condensate discharge location (CDL) installations.

QUIZ: Boiler Water Treatment Chemical Guidelines — Part II

Chelating agents offer an opportunity for supplying better results in boiler water treatment (i.e., cleaner boilers). The important key to success is to use the same care in selecting, applying, and controlling the treatment program. Chelating programs are another variation of water treatment. The word chelate derives from the Greek word chele,

Steam Heat Condensate Piping, Pumps, Return Lines

Our photograph at left shows a leaky steam condensate return line close to the steam boiler. This steam condensate line leak has been dripping for more than a decade. Unlike a hydronic heating boiler system, because the pressure in the steam condensate return line …

Off The Wall: Steam boilers and wet returns

Feb 10, 2012 · Re: Repairing leak in 2" steam return line pipe running along basement floor. Stormin Mormon. 2/8/12 5:42 AM. I'm not sure if white PVC would take the temperatures, but it's a thought. Cut the old steel several inches from each elbow, and put the PVC in with. Fermco connectors.

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Miura's low water volume design results in optimal heat transfer with fuel-to-steam efficiencies of 85% +/-. Miura is the leader in efficient, low NOx steam boiler technology. Our LX series boilers feature a "no furnace" design that results in lower NOx emissions. Miura boilers are equipped with a user-friendly communication panel that alerts

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Nov 09, 2014 · The chief symptom of a clogged return line is slow return of condensate to the boiler, such that, when the boiler fires up the water level drops significantly during a cycle and stays down, and only comes back slowly at the end of a cycle.

Installation, Operation and Maintenance

2. Turn off the energy source inlet (steam, boiler water, or high temperature water) valve(s). 3. Turn off the energy source (steam, boiler water, or high temperature water) return valves. 4. Turn off the clean steam and condensate outlet valves. 5. Turn off feed water inlet valves. 5. Contact in-house maintenance personnel or Armstrong for


Second stop valve may be deleted if the entire steam line from the non-return valve to the header valve is constructed in accordance with the rules for boiler external piping, ASME BPVC Section I. Companion flange at 2070 kPa (300 psig) valves shall be 2070 kPa (300 psig) weld neck; at 1034 kPa (150 psig) valves shall be 1034 kPa (150 psig

Repairing leak in 2" steam return line pipe running along

Aug 23, 2017 · But, wet returns are the source of many problems when replacing a steam boiler. Wet returns, by definition, are below the water line and are continuously full of water. In many cases, they are buried below concrete slab floors. They are the low point …

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The Challenges of Industrial Boiler Water Treatment

Dec 15, 2020 · Testing condensate return for pH, hardness, and specific conductivity is common. And, it might be prudent to check the return condensate for organics in specific cases. With such monitoring, the condensate can be diverted to drain if the measurement exceeds a predetermined limit, e.g., 50μS∙cm –1 continuous on-line conductivity. Setpoints

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The intent of this brief is to provide code-related information about gas-fired boilers to help ensure that the measure will be accepted as being in compliance with the code. Providing notes for code officials on how to plan reviews and conduct field inspections can help builders or remodelers design installations and prepare construction documents, and provide jurisdictional officials with

Monitoring of Water and Steam Chemistry for Steam

Sep 01, 2019 · The recommended TOC limit for boilers of this pressure is 0.5 ppm. The plant had no condensate polisher on the return line, and no one on staff who understood this chemistry. For high-pressure steam generators, the condensate return system should have water purity equivalent to the parameters outlined above for the CPD.

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Returns to the feed line with the condensate return so raises the feed water pH and act as a metal passivating agent in the return line system. Key Features and Benefits: is a blend of neutralizing amines in a ratio that best suits the conditions of a low-pressure and a medium pressure boilers with long to short run condensae line and

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HSB sets the standard in equipment breakdown and specialty insurance and reinsurance coverages.

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Feb 26, 2013 · A boiler is a closed vessel in which water under pressure is transformed into steam by the application of heat. In the boiler furnace, the chemical energy in the fuel is converted into heat, and it is the function of the boiler to transfer this heat to the contained water in the most efficient manner. The boiler should also be designed to

How to flush the return lines on an old steam system

Jun 24, 2014 · At the union or elbow, break apart the pipe and using the elbow and nipple, raise the pipe up so it can drain into a bucket. Use a shallow pan and pump if the return is very low, or simply replace the return with new pipe and save yourself the headache.